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[034]- Bunny Timmy

Hey, Bek, that cute Timmy-bunny is for you~~


[033] - Poaching part 3 illustration

Hey, Bek! Looks who drew silly illustration for Poaching??? xD

I am awful dork...


[031]- Happy Birthday, Bek!

Happy Birthday Bek!
Wish you happiness, luck and that all your dreams come true! *3*
Hope you like it!


[030] - You guys!

Little angry TimCollapse )

Hell yeah! When I saw screenshots from movie and TV I was like… “OMG! With Tim?! At last!!!” And then it’s again Dick and Jason. Dick has enough love!


[028] - Happy New Year~

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I'm still alive, just have a lot of exams and tests. Hope, this year will be great for all of you!

[027]- Zat and Tim for Bek!

[026]- Plan B!

Just something I was thinking about lately.